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Hated & disliked by SOME..
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Thursday, January 5, 2017

My Family..

For they complete me; a wife & a mother.. xoxo

Insha'Allah if given another chance, I hope we could try just one last time for a 4th child before I hit 40.. A girl.. Coz that makes us even.. 3 boys & 3 girls.. Ameen.. Ya Rabb.. =))

Wednesday, January 4, 2017

My Attitude Is Based on How You Treat Me..

Age doesn't define one's level of maturity & being a minor doesn't make one an ignorant person. In other words, just because one is older, they deserve & demand every right to be respected regardless of everything they do; good or bad. And just because one is younger, they deserve every bit of crap to be thrown on their faces, to be OK with the shit & to live with it..

From my point of view, you let others treat you by what you allow, what you don't & the limitations that you set regardless of who they are..

Old isn't always wise.. Young isn't always childish..

My penny worth of thought..

Friday, December 16, 2016

Keep Smiling..

Strength is when you have so much to be pissed for but instead, you choose to smile & let life turn its table on those who love to suck the happiness out of you..

Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Attended Hub's Nephew's Wedding..

Congratulations to the hub's nephew & wife.. Wishing these 2 love birds a blissful marriage till Jannah. Ameen..

So the hub made fun of me by saying that I'm gonna be a grandma soon, now that his nephew got hitched.. Hahahaha!! OMG!! Nenek Muda!! And we're both gonna be called as Atok & Nenek.. Hahahahaha!! I can't imagine when that happens.. Hub & his silly jokes!!

Glad that my side of the family made it to the wedding & stayed till it ended..

On another note, I'm happy to see my 1st SIL at the wedding, had a pleasant convo with her & snapped a few photos together with my 2nd SIL.. When was the last time I took photos with them? A very very long time ago.. And somehow, that day, I could sense that all 3 of us felt at ease with one another.. And frankly, it felt good..

Monday, December 12, 2016

Forgive & Forget, NOT..

Slowly but surely, little by little, the truth is known..

There's no need for me to reason out or proof, even when there're sickening ass fucktards who go around speculating-fabricating-exaggerating stories about me & my family to others..

Coz at the end of it all, one day, when the right time comes, Allah will let it be known of everyone's true identity; what is in their hearts & what kind of person they really are..

Pelan2.. Tanpa mereka sedari, Allah tunjukkan aib mereka sendiri sepertimana mereka menunjuk2kan & menokok-tambahkan cerita tentang aib org lain..

P/S: How does one (who until NOW) feel, to be faking it out, smiling & tryna start a little convo with everyone whom they ever back-bite about? The root cause of all the mofo misunderstandings among one another.. That fake smile & "pretending to be innocent looking" face.. I swear if given a chance to punch them on their sickening ass faces, pin them real hard to the wall & drag them by their freakin' heads, I would.. And NO, I WILL NEVER FORGIVE NOR WILL I FORGET every single thing that had happened to me & my family before.. This hatred feeling will always be there for every single thing that they have said & done.. Satu2 prangai besar punye sial..

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

"Kau belajar tinggi sangat ke?"

Kadang kita sebagai manusia, bila sudah terlalu banyak memberi nasihat & mengingatkan orang lain, kita lupa untuk mencermin & melihat diri kita sendiri.

Kita selalu sangat menegur bahasa & perilaku orang lain sehingga pabila terjadi nya hal yang sedemikian terhadap diri kita sendiri, kita lupa akan kekhilafan yg ada di dalam diri.. Dan tanpa kita sedari, kita menyakiti hati orang yang sangat rapat dengan kita; yang paling kita sayangi..

Saturday, September 10, 2016

Well, Hello My Precious Blog..

2016 has been keeping me busy till I didn't have time to blog about the bits & pieces of what's going on in my life..

In life, to feel happy, one needs to mind their own business & stay contented no matter how shitty it may get.. We should not bother so much about other people but instead, we take them as a guide for us to learn.. Good examples are a "must keep" while mistakes should always come by as a lesson.. And whatever the life Allah has bless us with; rich or poor, good or bad, there's always a reason for it all to happen..

And the best things in life are those that are learned the hard way coz we would never know how strong we are till life is being tested over & over again, obstacles upon obstacles.. And that sense of getting over them feels like an amazing accomplishment..

Thru out our lives, we will meet a lot of people.. Some will always be there, while eventually, some are best kept at a certain distance away from us in order to avoid getting hurt, or even to have the feeling of hatred, anger & disappointment.. I have my very own fair share of experience.. Be it related or non-related.. And I have concluded that not everyone we meet will remain as they are.. As time goes by, people do change.. And some may even go to the extend of causing us pain & sadness.. Come to think of it, time flies really fast; looking back at those memories I had with the people I once knew..

No matter what happens & after all that I've been thru physically, mentally & emotionally, my family will always be my pillars of strength.. For they are the ones who have seen me at my best & even at my very worst..

On a side note, I can't wait for us to have a short holiday trip in a few hours time!! It's been way too long & I think everyone of us deserve this short break..

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