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Tuesday, September 20, 2016

"Kau belajar tinggi sangat ke?"

Kadang kita sebagai manusia, bila sudah terlalu banyak memberi nasihat & mengingatkan orang lain, kita lupa untuk mencermin & melihat diri kita sendiri.

Kita selalu sangat menegur bahasa & perilaku orang lain sehingga pabila terjadi nya hal yang sedemikian terhadap diri kita sendiri, kita lupa akan kekhilafan yg ada di dalam diri.. Dan tanpa kita sedari, kita menyakiti hati orang yang sangat rapat dengan kita; yang paling kita sayangi..

Saturday, September 10, 2016

Well, Hello My Precious Blog..

2016 has been keeping me busy till I didn't have time to blog about the bits & pieces of what's going on in my life..

In life, to feel happy, one needs to mind their own business & stay contented no matter how shitty it may get.. We should not bother so much about other people but instead, we take them as a guide for us to learn.. Good examples are a "must keep" while mistakes should always come by as a lesson.. And whatever the life Allah has bless us with; rich or poor, good or bad, there's always a reason for it all to happen..

And the best things in life are those that are learned the hard way coz we would never know how strong we are till life is being tested over & over again, obstacles upon obstacles.. And that sense of getting over them feels like an amazing accomplishment..

Thru out our lives, we will meet a lot of people.. Some will always be there, while eventually, some are best kept at a certain distance away from us in order to avoid getting hurt, or even to have the feeling of hatred, anger & disappointment.. I have my very own fair share of experience.. Be it related or non-related.. And I have concluded that not everyone we meet will remain as they are.. As time goes by, people do change.. And some may even go to the extend of causing us pain & sadness.. Come to think of it, time flies really fast; looking back at those memories I had with the people I once knew..

No matter what happens & after all that I've been thru physically, mentally & emotionally, my family will always be my pillars of strength.. For they are the ones who have seen me at my best & even at my very worst..

On a side note, I can't wait for us to have a short holiday trip in a few hours time!! It's been way too long & I think everyone of us deserve this short break..

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Hot & Spicy Ramen, Anyone?

I'm crazy to be having this super spicy Ramen for breakfast!!

Noodles are true to taste, including the illustration shown.. Pedas nak mampssss tapi sedap tahap nak mampsssssss jugak.. Foooooh! Dahsyat..

Anyone wants an easy way to get a lip plump, you should try eating this just to get those fuller looking lips.. HAHAHAHAHAH!!

Sunday, January 31, 2016

Asyura's First Mini Cupcake Maker..

Bought Asyura her very own mini cupcake maker & taught her how to bake using this hassle free gadget.. She was so happy & delighted..

Not bad for a starter in cupcake making.. =))

Friday, January 29, 2016

My Family, My Life, My Everything..

As a family, we do have our ups & downs.. But with those ups & downs, we learn how to appreciate one another.. Regardless, I love them all to bits.. What would I do without them.. My family..

Thursday, January 28, 2016

The Little One..

His Form Teacher sent me these cute photos of him during his class activities.. Lidah sentil tu habes ikot bapak aku.. The only cucu (for now) who has the same habit as dad.. Mad cute!! Hee hee hee..

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Project "Awan-Biru"..

So I made this bird playgym for our pet budgies.. Finally a place for them to play!! I need not have to worry about bird poo dropping all over the place.. I deserve a huge pat on my shoulder for this awesome challenging project coz people are selling this between $30 to $50.. And I managed to make  this from scratch for less than that!!

Job well done!! Woohooooooooooooooooo!! =))

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