Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Leave My Mom Alone!!

Anak nak tunang, kau jempot mak bpk aku last min. Bila dia nikah, mak bpk aku langsong kau tak jempot. Bila dia nak sandeng, lagi seminggu, baru kau jempot. Correction, to be exact, suami kau jempot bpk & adek bradek bpk aku. Dia tak jempot mak aku walaupon mase tu mak aku ada bile dia bagi kad jempotan kat kedai kopi. Last min jugak! Lepas tu baru2 ni kau call, nak jempot mak bpk aku dtg kenduri doa selamat yg akan berlangsong Sabtu ni sebab kau nak pergi Haji. LAST MINUTE LAGI?

Paling best, kau mintak maaf dgn mak aku kat talipon nanges2, "Halalkan makan minom kau. Mintak maaf segala perbuatan kau; mana yg ada buang2 muke.." Buang2 muke eh? Finally!! U realised sape yg mula2 start buat prangai mcm budak Primary main buang2 muke. Aku maseh ingat. Kau yg start buat prangai budak2 dari Arwah Nenek aku kat hospital lagi. Aku tk kan lupe & aku slalu berdoa semoga Allah tk jadikan prangai aku mcm prangai kau. Ameen.

FYI, news of U going on Hajj were made known to us last yr by others, not frm U.

U have enough time to visit my mom, your eldest sister but U chose to call, invite her at the very LAST MIN as always & then seek forgiveness frm her ON THE PHONE? Dengar2 ruma mak bpk aku jaoh per? Kat M'sia eh? Mcm ruma org JB, whom you visit without fail every year on Eid - Org sane educated, ade class, high post & ade yg jadi celebrity gitewww.

Nak nanges2 mintak maaf bukan di talipon. Sebetolnye, kau dtg rumah jumpe mak aku. Kau mintak maaf kat dia elok2. Ruma org JB kau sanggop turon tiap tahon. Ruma mak aku yg dekat ni kau tk bole dtg? Ruma yg lain2 di merata SG bole plak kau sampai. Jijik sangat ke ruma mak bapak aku? U stay in the same neighborhood & have all the time to visit but U chose not to! Its the in-trend now is it, crying & asking forgiveness thru phone? Wow! I learned something new today from someone who's much more older than me!

If the reason for your "USUAL LAST MINUTE" call & invite, cries & seeking forgiveness is for the sake of your Hajj, I think U should look into yourself way deeper before going for that Hajj. Beli cermin bnyk2 tempek kat seluroh dinding ruma kau & hadap tngk cermin tu betol2. Aku ni agama tk brape pandai mcm korg sume. Aku bukan org mesjid. Aku bukan mcm anak2 kau, depan mak bpk step baik hormat salam org tua. Blakang mak bpk, bila tersrempak dgn mak bpk aku, salam pon tk de, jalan tros buat tk nampak. Aku kalau nk tunjok kurang ajar, biar kasi nampak tros. Walaupon mak bpk aku tk ajar aku buat mcm tu.

Jadi kau piker, ape yg kau & yg lain buat selame ni kat mak aku tu patot? U address yourself as a sister? Dari Arwah Nenek aku kat hospital sampai dia tk de, kau dgn yg lain buang muke & pulaukan mak aku. Depan jenazah Arwah Nenek aku, kau kurang ajar dgn mak aku!! Straight forward - YOU TREAT MY MOM & DAD, ESPECIALLY MY MOM WHO IS YOUR SISTER, LIKE SHE IS YOUR LAST MINUTE OPTION & TREATING HER LIKE A FOOL!!

So are U that worth of a sister to her? Tepok dada, tanya hati.. Just leave my mom alone as how she is right now.. Coz when you leave her alone, you leave ALL of us alone.. Frankly, satu respect kat kau pon tk de dlm hati aku; kau & yg lain2 yg prangai same mcm kau.. What goes around, will eventually comes back around.. Kau buat orang, satu hari kau mesti dpt balasan nye balek.. Ameen!

Mungkin ade hikmah kenape Allah tak bagi aku tesrempak dgn kau.. Sebab Dia lebih mengetahui prangai aku bile aku dlm keadaan marah..

Sunday, July 15, 2018

Thought of The Day.. Facts of Life..


It doesn't include mother but father as well..

Grateful that there are those who still care..

Ungrateful that there are those who behave "macam paham" but reality wise, they treat their parents like a passing baton; giving all sorts of lame excuses..

1 of the most pain in the ass excuses is son/daughter-inlaw couldn't get along well with their mother/father-inlaw.. So that gives such people the priority of not inviting their elders to stay with them; no chemistry/cannot click..

Truth is, not many of us can withstand it but its how we deal with it.. Not ESCAPE from it..

Its the responsibility that counts; first & foremost.. By bringing them over & allowing them to stay together with you, observing & tolerating their attitude & habits, in their sickness & good health..

Kalau setakat bawak org tua keluar jalan2, belikan makan, everyone of us can do those simple "chicken mak dodol" stuffs..

Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Living The Low Key..

Know that there's always someone out there who's gonna be better than you at something..

If you start thinking you're better than others, you're gonna have issues.. Coz in the long run, you wanna stay humble..

Life is hard & it's meant to humble you..

And if you're pushing it too hard, you're not always gonna win.. But if you're winning everytime, then your goals aren't that high enough..

Stay low.. Rush nothing.. Compete with no one.. Whatever happens, always happened for a reason..

Stay humble coz when you gain that ego of success, without realising, you're actually losing yourself..

"The humble man makes room for progress quietly.. The proud man believes that he is already there & will let the whole world sees it.."

Saturday, July 7, 2018

Innallaha Ma Assabireen..

I have been facing & enduring every phases of life's challenges eversince I knew what life, is all about..

I have been working at the same place & facing its challenges for the past 17 years.. Nobody likes office politics but I endured & stayed becoz of my little family.. Alhamdulillah, I have no problem with my bosses.. Maybe perhaps that's the reason why I have people trying to find ways of bringing me down..

I have my very own personal family issues that's been there with me frm the day I knew of this saying, "blood may be thicker than water" & although being tied as blood related or thru marriage, family isn't always there for you when you truly needed them the most..

Some stayed while others left you..

Some forever giving excuses upon excuses upon excuses & even threw their part of the responsibility to you, assuming that you are able to carry that much of a burden with you; not bothering to think & feel how much you have been enduring all this while & is being tested every-single-day PHYSICALLY, MENTALLY & EMOTIONALLY..

So much for being part of The Family..

At the end of it all, I always remind myself this,"Allah has chosen me to do something that He knew I could endure.. For He won't test me if He knew my will & faith aren't strong enough to face His tests.."

And for that, I believe one fine day, after overcoming it all, He has something worth for me to wait & have much patience for.. Maybe not in this temporary World but, in the permanent Hereafter, Allah knows best..

Thank you for all the tests, knowing that You are always there watching me in every single step of the way, every single day of my life.. For teaching me to have much patience no matter how my life turns out to be..

The sentence,"Have Patience.. Sabar..", may seems easy when one says it out frm the mouth.. Reality, it is always never easy when you experience it yourself..

Forever I am in your debt.. ❤❤❤

Tuesday, July 3, 2018

Berani Kerana Benar.. Takot Kerana Salah..

Wrong is wrong.. It doesn't matter whether you're a family member or not.. Wrong is wrong..

You don't support family, you support what is right.. Morals come first..

Berani kerana benar.. Takut kerana salah..

Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Eid Mubarak Day 2.. Home of Cousin Yanee..

I thank Allah that Kak Yanee & family stayed in the same neighborhood as me.. Dekat je.. Nk beraye pon senang for everyone!!

Sempat "Boomerang-ing" satu-satu.. Tuan punye ruma pon same tk sedap.. Hee hee!!

Thank you Kak Yanee & family for your hospitality!! We had so much fun camwhoring at your place!! Hahaha!! 😘😘

Next stop for Raya & also the last house for the day - our home!! Yasssss!!

Eid Mubarak Day 2.. Home of My Only Pak Ngah..

So we made our next move to Pak Ngah's before meeting up with the rest of the paternal clan again at the home of Cousin Yanee..

Thank you for your hospitality Pak Ngah, Mak Ngah & cousin Nurlin.. We had fun laughing our hearts out with all the random convos at your crib.. 😘😘😘